"Housing Sales Lost Pace But Not Value"
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (01/11/07) Derus, Michele

Metro Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data shows that the Milwaukee metropolitan area's housing resale market shrunk last year, with the four-county region producing 20,071 REALTOR@-brokered sales. That was the lowest level of activity in at least the last three years and 7.3 percent off of 2005's pace. Despite the slowing sales volume, most Milwaukee-area communities realized small price gains in 2006. Additionally, 11 of the 15 major U.S. markets tracked by Trulia.com--including Milwaukee--reported improved housing-market conditions at the end of December. Dan Buttery, president of Milwaukee-based Argus Investments, notes that the main problem continues to be the fact that so many people put contracts on their homes of choice and then are unable to sell their current residence. He states, "That was something I saw a lot in '06."