Our market in Lake Geneva is doing much better than many markets in the Country, and much better than most of the so called experts in the media would lead the public to believe. We have two distinct markets in our area, the primary year round home market made up of people who live and work locally in the area, and the second home market where people primarily from Chicago and the northern Illinois suburbs come here looking for a place to get away, wanting to keep the drive to 2 hours or less. The second home market has been very active this year, with the high end lakefront properties leading the way as far as sales and activity. I’ve been in the business here in Lake Geneva for over 29 years and I don’t ever recall that being the case before. I take that as a very good and healthy sign. The primary home market has been a little softer than normal, but the good news is that we have seen a number of Sellers become more realistic with their price expectations and the real good news for the buying public is that combined with a good selection of homes to choose from and interest rates at very affordable levels, this is actually a great time for a Buyer to be in the market. But unfortunately, for the most part you won’t hear that from the media today, so it continues to be our job to get the word out.  Personally, I’m having the best year of my entire real estate career.