Fontana on Lake Geneva

The weatherman says we have a sizable snow storm headed our way in Lake Geneva over the next few days.  I’m not sure most adults are very excited about it but I’m sure many children are, with hopes of a snow day (or two) from school.  It will also presumably assure us of having a white Christmas so maybe in the big picture it won’t be such a bad thing. 

We are in the midst of what is traditionally a slower time for the real estate market with many prospective Buyers attention being diverted to the holidays.   It will be very interesting to see how things start out for the New Year and I know many real estate agents will be glad to tear off 2009 from the calendar and have high hopes and expectations for 2010.

I sense that some Buyers are beginning to come around to feeling as though the timing for making a purchase has improved but the fact is there is still a high level of concern and anxiety over jobs and the economic recovery.  I’m constantly hearing the term “these difficult times” that many advertisers and analysts are using these days and it has to have an effect on the way people think, even if things aren’t too bad for them.  Talk of a “W” recession that tries to make people believe that the current economic uptick is temporary and is going to be followed by another downturn is one of those self-fulfilling prophecies that I think we could all do just fine without.

I remain hopeful and optimistic about our real estate market and have every reason to believe that our area has the potential to outperform many of the other troubled markets and that we can be the exception to whatever negative outlooks and trends the “doom and gloomers” continue to talk about.