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Lake Geneva Real Estate Update for February 2009

by Bob Webster

I have put together 2 transactions in the last week and wrote 2 other offers in the last 3 weeks that were beaten out by another offer in a Multiple Counter Offer situation.  That is probably the best news I can report as far as the early signs of things picking up in our market.  Ironically, most of the activity seems to be more in the primary home market, as opposed to the second home market, but in the last few weeks it appears that the number of inquires is increasing and I think we will see a corresponding increase in the numbers of showings and offers as the weather continues to improve. 


There does not appear to be a clear sign yet as to whether the financial and real estate markets will respond favorably to the passage of the Stimulus Package Bill.  The details of the next plan coming from Washington to address the housing and mortgage situation are due to be unveiled this week.  I remain optimistic that the news will be positive and will give us ammunition to be able to use with the Buying public that now is a good time to buy and the worst is behind us.  That probably more than anything else is what we need to be able to communicate to potential Buyers to combat all the negative news that continues to be pumped out by the media.


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February 2009 Lake Geneva Real Estate Update

by Lake Geneva Lakefront

It’s the first week of February.  What is the real estate report?  Good news, bad news, no news?  January started with a fair amount of activity for the first two weeks as many of us expected.  We got into the never ending snow and sub zero temperatures and I believe the activity level was greatly affected by the weather.  The Super bowl last weekend captured many people’s attention.   So here we are with warmer weather predicted for the weekend and the Lake Geneva Winter Fest going this weekend that should bring folks out for hopefully a busy weekend.  It seems like the politicians in Washington have gotten bogged down with hammering out the details of the stimulus package but hopefully that will happen in the next few days and the country will begin to believe that things are moving forward and improving for the economy.  A little good news would go a long way towards helping the real estate market.  I’m hopeful there will be a lot of good news.  We shall all see.
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