A Recent Lake Geneva Real Estate Condominium Closing

Lake Geneva Condominium

I recently closed on this 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath condominium unit located in the Prairie Wind Condominium development in Lake Geneva with the assistance of Carol Becker Samsa from the First Weber Group in Greenfield Wisconsin. This was my first transaction with Carol and she was a real pleasure to work with. The financing on this transaction was provided through Sheri Day with Johnson Bank in Burlington. Sheri did a great job and I would highly recommend her. Don Melton of HouseMasters did the home inspection and was very helpful when an issue of a high Radon level was discovered during the inspection. With the help of Karla Newman from Radon Remedy we were able to remediate the unit and bring the level below acceptable EPA recommendation of 4. I have used Karla and her professional team at Radon Remedy many times and would highly them as well.

This unit was a great example of some of the exceptional values that are currently available in the Lake Geneva Real Estate market. Although this transaction had some bumps in the road, with the help of all the folks involved we were able to get the property to a successful closing with a very happy Buyer and Seller.

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