It’s hard to believe we are approaching the middle of June.  The good news is the real estate activity in general has begun to show some signs of picking up.  I am a little surprised by the number of potential Sellers I have been speaking with recently who are considering placing their property on the market at this time.  In many cases, the listing inventory of certain property types and price ranges is continuing to go up to unusually high levels, when compared with past years. 


The Buyer activity has shown some signs of picking up, but not to the same level and extent as with Sellers, at least so far.  The Buyer activity is also very spotty with no real trend that I have been able to discern between the various property types and or price ranges.  The same is true with the number of showings or lack of showings that I am seeing with some of my listings, some are being shown but many are not, in spite of our efforts. 


I have written a couple of offers this week, but getting Buyers to the point of making a decision to move forward is still a real struggle.  Having said all that, I am encouraged by some things that I’m observing in the market.  There were two Lake Geneva lakefront closings this week, and as I go through the Multiple Listing Service doing searches for various property, it’s nice to see the “accepted offer” tag showing up again here and there on some of the properties.  I believe it also sends a positive message to the buying public when we are able to send out a report that shows some of these properties as being under contract. 


With the disappointing weather we had last weekend, I was still very busy with showings on both days and, this has been an extremely busy week for me as well.  Hopefully that is a sign of good things to come.  I firmly believe that there are some very good values in the market today and with the recent slight increase in interest rates, that may help us to get the buying public to step up to the plate and take some action now.